पेट की चर्बी तेजी से ख़त्म करने के लिए चमत्कारी पाउडर |

पेट की चर्बी तेजी से ख़त्म करने के लिए चमत्कारी पाउडर | SLIMMING POWDER BURN FAT OVERNIGHT pet ki charbi kaise kam kare pet kam karne ke tips burn belly fat fast

Troll To Swole: Internet Bully Loses 400lbs After Changing His Ways

I’m not 400 pounds lost I still got probably 35 to 40 pounds of loose skin so I’m thinking I’m within 10 to 15 pounds my goal weight Jesse Shand was a prolific internet troll who bullied people in an attempt to make himself feel better about his ballooning size I thought he would die very young I don’t think he had much longer however after being challenged online he’s turned his life around changing his ways and losing more than half his body weight but now he faces a new obstacle as I have some major problems with loose skin I used to try to get him to go outside he wouldn’t he was constantly on that computer constantly day and night no exercise that’s when his weight would start ballooning Jesse had become a recluse eventually weighing around 700 pounds he spent his time trolling on the internet trolling is basically doing anything you can to kind of bring other people down or to spread negativity I would target anyone for my trolling someone was upset about a breakup I might talk a lot about how great it is being a relationship and just anything I could do the further upset someone who’s already prone to being upset it made me kind of get a laugh out of it but it also made me feel better about my situation because if I was focusing on someone else being upset I didn’t have to really think about my own situation but when he targeted a bodybuilding forum in May 2013 the members asked to see his picture and amazingly Jesse showed them my life started to really turn around some of the members they started trying to talk me into believing that could lose weight I had hundreds of excuses and they wouldn’t accept any of them someone told me at your weight you could literally just sit in a chair and flop around and you would lose weight let’s try that and I made a video playing on music and just flailing my upper body around and that was my first ever workout and by the time I was done with it I was sweaty I was tired and it worked the first obstacle the floor members help Jesse overcome was his lack of confidence and when I went in with this I had this perception that people were just going to see me as what I felt I was which was a slob lazy all these negative things that you associate with people who were morbidly obese and what I found was that they actually respect putting in the effort and they are very encouraging and they were more positive than I was willing to be with myself at the time and that was a big step because I needed someone to believe in me long before I was ready to believe myself and I think without that I wouldn’t have been able to be where I am today Jesse now attends the gym five times a week and has completely turned his back on junk food so far he’s lost an incredible amount of weight without any surgery but now finds himself needing to go under the knife while I’m lucky enough that I started young my skin did bounce back somewhat when you lose that kind of weight you’re going to have a lot of loose skin and I do have that especially in the belly area under my arms and in my thigh area and I came up a number of $20,000 that’s needed to get this Skin surgery I have to have one for my panthis which is the belly area fat I’m also one for the legs arms and there’s kind of a nip-tuck situation and recovery time follow-up doctor visits jesse has been appealing online for financial help for his surgery and is over a third of the way to his twenty thousand dollar tag he also recently had a job interview and is hoping for the first time in his life he’ll be able to gain independence and move from his mother’s trailer just got a call on phone and out of 20 candidates they ended up offering me the job and they want me to start on Monday I’ve got so much you know hope for what’s in the future now I could gain my independence here soon very soon so I’m just right now overwhelmed with motion feels great I just can’t believe that just a couple short years you know Here I am doing something I never thought I get to do in my life you know starting a new job on Monday perhaps by significantly Jessie has turned his back on trolling and realizes the hurt he caused others I wasted so many years of my life looking back on it now I wasn’t doing anything productive and I was hurting other people and making them feel as bad as I felt and that doesn’t do anything to further my own happiness and it certainly didn’t further anyone else’s happiness I want to be able to make up for that and really show the new me and help out and give back to people who are in a similar situation that I’m in now because I feel like I’m uniquely positioned to help those kind of people

HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT FAST 10Kg in 10 Days | 900 Calorie Egg Diet By Versatile Vicky

hi guys as promised I’m going to share the meal plan to help you lose 10 kilos in 10 days does it seems impossible well it isn’t if you follow this time plan achieving a healthy weight is all about striking the right balance between the energy that you put in and the energy that you use and you can do this by making healthy changes to your eating habits this 900 calorie meal plan is a very low calorie diet which will facilitate quick weight loss in most a healthy active adults it is tried and tested by me and is by far the most effective low cost and the easiest great loss meal plan ever with the simplest of ingredients which are eggs apples oats and green tea this plan was also followed by few of my family members and friends and the results was splendid irrespective of different body types age sex and genes so let me reveal this magical meal plan team well start your day with a breakfast which will include at 3 boiled eggs and a cup of warm green tea hot boiled eggs make a quick snack provide good fats and a high in protein green tea is the healthiest beverage on the planet it is loaded with antioxidants and various substances that help you lose fat in the lunch have three boiled eggs an apple and a cup of green tea apples are high in fiber and add a natural fat blocker you can have any variant of apple you like in the evening have a cup of green tea with an apple in the night to have a cup of green tea at least one hour before the bedtime for dinner have a bowl of oats you can add fruits nuts or flax seeds for better results and taste avoid apricots and raisins oats keep you satisfied and decreases cholesterol levels and waist size if you feel the need to have in between the meals then you can only have carrots cucumbers or sprouts do not skip your meals and strictly follow the schedule reduce the intake of excess salt and sugar indulge in some mild exercise or a 15 minutes fast walk you can take the video on how to make green tea and ODEs in my channel and I will also pause the length in the end of the video for your reference if you are on my Flat Belly Diet drink course then continue having it eggs apples oats and green tea will fulfill the daily nutritional requirement and you will not feel weak at all in fact you will be all the more active and at your best also as X cannot be replaced in this meal plan I will come up with a vegan diet plan soon so don’t forget to subscribe follow this diet plan has explained with a positive attitude and you’re bound to get light on your feet and will be able to post your before and after pictures without being photoshopped so follow and fly bye bye