3 Ways to Lose Weight Without Dieting

[Music] three ways to lose weight without dieting oh how we’d all love to reduce our waist lines and get rid of those extra pounds all by themselves in a second it’s entirely possible but no more starving following strict diets and going to the gym like crazy all you need to do to get in shape is follow these three alternative legs one two three and it’s done the new you is on the way let’s see what these fantastic ways on [Music] one contrast show this method is quite simple and often accompanied by other procedures when finishing a shower keep switching the water from cold to hot first you should increase the water temperature up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit and stay under the running water for three to four minutes then switch the temperature to 73 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit and stay for 40 seconds for the best results repeat this cycle three to four times keep in mind you should always finish a contrast shower with cold one such a shower will not only help you get rid of excess weight also choose away such diseases as arrhythmia obesity poor blood circulation primary hypertension and cellulite to massage the best types of massage to fight that are coming water running and pinching ones they help fracture the fact improve blood circulation in your abdomen and normalize the digestive system you can perform this massage both yourself at home and in salons here’s one of best self massages to get rid of belly fat lie on your back on a flat surface rub your hands together until they’re warm place one hand on your navel start rubbing it clockwise gradually widen the circles with firm pressure you need to do this for one to two minutes with 30 to 40 circles keep in mind that you should do the massage systematically breathe breathing the main rule of breathing gymnastics is that you should breathe in and out with your stomach and not your chest a thin waist ripped ABS strong abdomen muscles everything is possible if you do the whole set of breathing exercises it only takes two minutes a day this method is called the long breath diet here are the simple instructions stand up and push one leg forward and the other back stand on your back foot and strain your buttocks slowly inhale for three seconds lifting your arms above your head exhale for seven seconds straining all your muslims perform this exercise for two to ten minutes every day to transform your body for the better have you already tried these methods how did they work for you share your results and weight loss goals in the comments below don’t forget to hit the like button and click subscribe to stay on the bright side of life [Music]

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Lose Weight Fast with LEMON, GINGER Weight Loss Detox Tea

[Music] okay you two welcome this is the Velvet locks with a recipe video today i will be making a nice lemon ginger detox tea and this is very nourishing um replenishing for the body and it helps get rid of all of those detoxes so i’m going to show you today how to make it and let’s begin okay first we’re going to start off by grading our ginger we’re going to use a piece of ginger and I have my little magic bullet here so I’m going to toss it in there and I just need to shred it I don’t need to actually be purified but I just need to shred it so I’m going to shred the ginger and after that I’ll show you what to do so it’s gonna be a little noisy just um excuse the noise alright so the ginger is in the Magic Bullet all right that’s wonderful so one two three I’m going to take it off and there we go I shredded ginger so I’m going to put that inside of the little Bowl here that I get as much as possible I should be using a spatula okay and we’ll try to get all the little pieces out of the propeller areas coat okay so we have our shredded ginger and in the meantime I have my water on the stove boiling so I’m going to pour the hot water over the ginger and put it aside to let it seep so we can get all of the goodies out of that when it’s time so while it’s doing that we’re going to take two lemons okay so we’re going to use two lemons and we’re going to cut the lemons into slices now this is already washed just always make sure you wash your fruits before you use them okay now I have my container here so we’re going to put that inside the container and we’re going to do the same for the other one okay and cut that also up into slices it’s a simple recipe alright so we got our lemons inside our container we have our ginger seeping for this recipe alright YouTube please forgive me I have to use my cell phone to finish this video because my batteries are low but I’m going to get it in anyways okay so basically what I started doing I’m making a ginger and lemon detox tea and this is really good for flushing your you know getting those extra toxins out getting rid of the fat um just a nicer and healthier way for you to be able to get also that water intake tin but there’s so many wonderful benefits of the lemon and ginger combination so I started off the video already where I use my nutribullet to shred the ginger okay I used like a ginger piece about say three inches to the two and a half to three inches I slice the lemons I used to hold nice medium sized lemons so what I did was slice those up and I put them in my pitcher okay and what I did with the ginger was I used my nutribullet to to shred it and then I used hot boiling water and right now is seeping so what I’m going to do now is I’m going to strain the ginger okay so I got my strainer and I’m going to put it over the picture of the picture because then what I’m going to do is take now I’m going to try to do this carefully I’m going to pour it inside the picture and I’m going to try to do this as carefully as possible because I don’t want this strainer to move and fall on the floor now I have this seeping on the side for about a good 20 minutes because I wanted to get all of that delicious flavor from it and what you could do is you could either crush it use a spoon I don’t try to squeeze all of the juices that’s still in the strainer alright so we have our solution with the ginger and the lemon water mixed together now what I’m going to do is fill up the rest of the pitcher with Poland spring distilled water whatever you have it’s fine and show you exactly what it looks like after that okay so I filled up the rest of the picture with some Poland Spring Water and what I’m gonna do now is I’m going to do a little bonus and add some cinnamon into this water now that’s just something extra that you can do but the benefits of cinnamon is awesome and I’m going to explain afterwards why I’m putting the cinnamon in even though you can just leave you can just stop now at how it is just let it seep for 24 hours with the ginger and the lemons and I want the the the juices and all the nutrients from the lemons to seep in the water so that’s why I’m leaving it for at least 24 hours so that it I can get all the goodies out of it now I mentioned that I wanted to put cinnamon in this and I’m doing this because cinnamon has a lot of great health benefits as well as a detoxing for your body so I’m going to put in this type of picture now this is maybe like um I don’t even know how many ounces this picture is but I’m going to put like a tablespoon of cinnamon into my solution okay one second okay so here’s a tablespoon of cinnamon I’m just going to add it into my lemon ginger water and just mix it okay now it’s going to look kind of cookie because the cinnamon is kind of like separating from it I probably would recommend you do this in the boiling water so this way it has a better chance of actually blending in properly where you won’t see so much of the cinnamon floating around in the water but you’re just going to mix this in really good and the cinnamon is going to give it a nice flavor now some people may want to put honey in this but to me I look at it like this less is better sometimes the less you put in the less uh you know calories you may have to think about I really don’t know except how much calories you can actually get from adding honey but I choose not to and then you just cover this up and then you just leave it in your refrigerator for 24 hours so that is it that’s the detox tea and you can drink this in the morning you know you can drink this with your meal you know this is a really nice refreshing way of adding water in your body as well as flushing out all of the other toxins and things that you know you’re just trying to eliminate out of your body so yes I’m also going to list the benefits and why it’s good to add these ingredients and what they do for your body as far as cleansing it and um for those that may feel that the Bragg’s might be a little harsh in the morning time this could be a great substitute for drinking that first morning drink alright so there we have it ladies and gentlemen um your detox tea that um it’s very beneficial for you so thanks so much for watching this video and don’t forget to subscribe at the bottom share this video with a friend give me my two thumbs up and leave a comment for your sis and I’ll see you on the next video thank you so much for joining me [Music]