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all right what’s going on you guys Nick you’re next on the powers I want to make a video kind of clarifying my stance on the quote-unquote bubble gut in bodybuilding and this kind of distension that we tend to see with some bodybuilders

when they’re trying to get a little bit too big now this conversation really stemmed from the 2018 Arnold Classic both because of the fact that Dexter Jackson had a little bit of a gut onstage I made a video about it and people thought I was being too lenient on him I won’t address that in a second as well but also the fact that Arnold specifically addressed the gut at least two separate times on stage at the Arnold Classic he mentioned how he was proud of the guys for not having a gut and really kind of clarifying his stance on how he does not like the aesthetic look of the gut onstage so Dexter Jackson at the 2018

Arnold Classic as I said in my video there’s no denying he had a gut there’s no denying it didn’t look good and there’s no denying that it hurt is placing did I like the way that his a mid section looked absolutely not so I just want to clarify that because in my video people thought I was defending Dexter or being a little bit too lenient but absolutely I think he should not have had a gut I think it should have heard his placings and I do think it was bad now that being said I think there are two different kinds of guts that we see on stage now in my video about Dexter

I was talking a lot about his past and how consistent Dexter has been on stage in terms of the physique that he brings a conditioning that he brings and the size that he brings as well now the reason I mentioned his past track record is because I think that’s very applicable to discussing why he had a gun so typically the bubble guts that most people are complaining about or when a bodybuilder is getting too big a bodybuilders trying as hard as to get as big as possible really push those limits with the drugs the food and that sort of thing that blows out the waste and I think that’s a different type of gut than what we saw with

Dexter Jackson so the reason that I mentioned his consistency is the fact that Dexter has never tried to play the sighs game he’s never tried to you know become a masked monster he’s never tried to put on it from menace amount of size he’s always been very consistently conditioned his size has always been relatively the same and he’s never really tried to push his physique or blow out his physique to an extreme sighs so that’s the reason why I mentioned his track record because I think the thing that we saw with Dexter Jackson was really some kind of fluke in his prep I think the gut that Dexter Jackson had was really a result of you know some sort of sickness some illness maybe an issue with him carving up maybe the stress of the show all of these things can contribute to having a gut onstage so when people complain about this quote-unquote bubble gut I think most people are complaining about it

because of the direction that body building is going with these guys getting too big taking too much drugs eating too much trying to push their bodies to the extremes and the reason why I mentioned that is I don’t think that was the case with Dexter so we’ve got to mention Phil Heath here Phil Heath has probably been the number one guy for getting accused of the bubble got the number one guy getting hate for having a gut the number one guy that people would point out as being the worst example of having a gut on the Olympia stages Phil Heath and I think a lot of people think the reason for that is because Phil Heath was trying to play the sighs game knowing that big romney was coming up on his heels he was trying to get bigger and he was really pushing his physique to the limits and as a result his physique suffered now again

I don’t think that was the case with Dexter I don’t think Dexter was pushing himself to the limit and his physique suffered from that I think again it could be a combination of age stress sickness a fluke with his diet just something out of his control so when people are constantly demanding you know a punishment for the bubble gut myself included I believe that the vacuum pose should be a mandatory pose and if they do that then guys with a bubble gut would not be able to hit that pose and they would either you know drop in placings lose points or just not place very well now with that being said you really have to break

down what is the crusade against the bubble got really about they say we like these classic physiques I’m a big fan of the golden era I’m a big fan of the classic physique division I’m a big fan of the small waistline the v-taper the vacuum pose that sort of thing but when we address the bubble gut with the men’s open body builders what is the main complaint that we have or what is the thing that they’re doing that we’re saying they’re doing wrong that’s causing this gut and in my opinion

I think that thing is getting too big taking too many drugs eating too much force feeding themselves to get this big blowing out their waistline that’s what’s causing the problematic bubble gut that we’re seeing with guys that are too big and again with Dexter I don’t think that’s why he had the gut so that’s why I was more lenient on deck sir because Dexter isn’t a guy known for trying to get too big not a guy known for having a crazy cycle not a guy known for eating a bunch of food for feeding himself to get bigger

Dexter is a consistent guy his physique has never been the biggest physique it’s never been the prettiest physique but he’s so consistently conditioned so consistently lean he has such a consistently good structure for bodybuilding he’s never really had to play that size game so when we’re complaining about Dexter Jackson’s gut what is it that we’re telling Dexter Jackson to fix what is it that we’re saying Dexter Jackson is doing wrong because if we don’t know what Dexter Jackson needs to change I mean what right do we really have to complain so in my opinion yes he did have a gut yes it was bad but why did he have it is the main question so again that brings me back to the Phil Heath example a lot of people on that bandwagon of the Phil Heath bubble gut thing I’m the fact that he was constantly having this gut problem at the

Olympia and still constantly winning the Olympia so the fans were seeing Phil he’s constantly winning constantly getting rewarded and constantly having this gut and this was really making them become disenfranchised with the with the judging and with the sport overall that Phil Heath is now the representative of bodybuilding as a whole as mr. Olympia and I really do agree with that I think Phil he’s got was very bad at the Olympia I do think that makes him not the best representative of bodybuilding as a whole and it doesn’t really send the right message for the direction that the fans seem to want bodybuilding to go now having said that I was more lenient on Dexter because I don’t feel that Dexter was rewarded for having the gut now as I said in my last video had Dexter Jackson won the Arnold Classic with that gut then I would certainly see I would certainly understand why people were outraged and you know disappointed in Dexter but again Dexter Jackson is the five-time Arnold Classic champion as

I said many times I think he was the favorite going into this show I think a lot of people within the industry thought for sure Dexter was gonna have this in the bag but he came on stage with a gut and he took second place so my opinion is this wasn’t really a result of Dexter Jackson doing something wrong or taking a crazy amount of drugs or something even within Dexter Jackson’s control I think it was just an off day for Dexter he was sick something went wrong with this prep to cause this and make this happen so when I see a bunch of people complaining about it my question again is what do you want

Dexter to change next time to not have that gut assuming this was just some kind of fluke so let me know what you guys think in the comments section below guys about Dexter Jackson and why he had this bubble gut do you think it’s a combination of the fact that he’s 48 years old do you think it was stress going into this show do you think he’s getting tired from competing from all these years without a real offseason do you think it’s a you know a fluke with this prep a fluke with his diet or do you think it was some sort of result of the drugs that he was taking which I don’t think is really the case again he’s 48 years old I don’t think Dexter is dumb enough to really be pushing or trying any crazy new drug cycles that’s gonna cause his gut to be blown out so again my question to you guys is yes Dexter’s gut was bad but what would you guys say Dexter did wrong and what would you guys say

Dexter should do differently to avoid having that gut because I feel like with Phil Heath we can answer that question we can say okay Phil Heath needs to stop playing the sighs game Phil Heath needs to stop you know taking this for that Phil he needs to downsize a little bit focus on conditioning focus and take tapering and it’s waste but I feel like we can’t really say you know Dexter needs to downsize Dexter needs to stop playing the sighs game Dexter needs to stop taking the crazy cycle so let me know what you guys think in the comment section below please give the video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it next type of power signing out

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