Arnold Schwarzenegger & Lucille Ball

I’m Rico oh yes well won’t you go oh you are in we are we do it what yeah on the bedroom oh here here here here I set up table you need any help see take off your clothes all of them put on this mm-hmm how’d you know my size scusi oh I’ll be right up I’ll be right out hey oh you I’m Rico what are you doing here I have appointment with mrs. Nichols where is mrs. pickles in a bedroom taking off her clothes oh well what are you doing here I came to pick up the rest of my clothes what are you doing here I live here remember I’m about to have a massage must be out of your mind letting a stranger in the house like this what do you know about this guy they recommended him okay all the more reason to be careful no it could be another Jack the Ripper oh come on you know they just don’t attack young women I read up in the paper the other day about this eighty year old woman now come would you get your clothes and get out no not before I find out up your things you want me on the table Rico prego I’m sorry about the interruption I’m used to it I went from father Rome Italy but you do that I was a truck driver but you’re not how to give on my side in Rome every man knows how to give a massage gala license of course it’s impossible to drive a truck without a license no no that’s not what I mean Malcolm if you’re so worried you can stay and watch no no no I may be broad-minded but I’m not kinky my own stomach please oh my stomach oh oh oh thank you no no you must relax mrs. Nicholls yeah more more yeah still more yeah good now we begin we must relax yeah you’re too tense yeah this is your first massage yeah so please be gentle Nega the shoulders I lay the pensioners yeah oh well that feels better already ah Oh that’s one more thing what’s good for the goose there’s good for the gander what’s that supposed to mean I’ll tell you what it’s supposed to mean I’m moving in with Gregg in his swinging singles building where it’s fun and games day and night mm-hmm well you put a stop to that there’s a co-ed sauna you’ll be a bigot and your polka dot shorts okay this is nothing else to say Norma except to wish you a lot of luck thank you mama by the way have you heard from our daughter Linda well not many people call their mothers while they’re on their honeymoon you were the only one I know who did Russell oh that feels good I just wish I had a picture of this and to cut my alimony in half that’s a lot mama or as they say in your new life are but dirty a to brute I’m leaving out all ah ah this remember one more thing your fire to birds of my hand it isn’t in the bushes don’t get up I can answer the dark nobody ringing the door but I can leave Lala I’m leaving the keys here I always leave them I practically gone mama hey I’m still here

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