Arnold Schwarzenegger and Body Building : Documentary on Body Building with Arnold Schwarzenegger

you I consider Arnold not Arnold I consider him body pudding Arnold his bodybuilding to me to everyone Arnold is what opened the door for us before Arnold Franco Arnold Franco were the first real pros of bodybuilding before them there was no such thing as professional body but now there’s maybe 20 or 25 professionals able to do with all of us here doing today throughout the year but without Arnold’s initial influence and initial onset to the scene I would never be where it is today but if we accept the idea that the sport has progressed in the last five but certainly ask well how would you write Arnold’s chances if he was in shape the same as he was before and say competing tomorrow it went I think it harder would have his hands full if he were to compete now unless he really became really serious about his training and did all that was necessary for him to do to get him tip-top shape but Arnold were able to come back and win these contests after a short interval it means that the support of body mail is Lily stood still for the last five years this is my opinion is not true okay the first contestant is Tony podila who EKKO is the second contestant Roy dabao is a third the fourth contestant Arnold Schwarzenegger Roger Walker is number five Roger Walker for Australia Roy Calendar number fix Roy rich I had intended the rounder eight weeks ago to start training very hard with object even mines to give him a best possible shape for film I’m going to do which is Conan the Barbarian and we’re going to start shooting the the first few scenes in October and so I really wanted to be muscular because the idea was that Conan was a very muscular heroic looking guy and that there should be in top shape so all along with sword fighting lessons and dancing lessons lore that I did my body building but the closer I came to this competition the more people started speculating on the idea that that would be competing and the more I started thinking about the possibility ends around three weeks so two weeks ago I decided well I think it would be kind of an interesting challenge really to do something in in eight weeks that most of the guys do in preparing a year or two years in advance when I trained it really depends on what body part of training or whether things about but it is it always has to be something that is involved and some form of the other yourself with noses you know I’m really psyched myself up for it because otherwise it’s impossible to squat with four or five hundred pounds I mean it’s really hard to do that and it can be boring and so what you do is you create a certain excitement that’s what you think about you think about the next set you think about the particular muscle that you’re training you try to isolate the must you try to pump it up you let blood go into this area and stuff like that and your feedback is then always is that the monkeys respond and that is grow in films there is the camera around he always do this to make the trauma hold up a little bit to show there’s over on it alright if there’s a 10 pound plate but you must make it sound like this thousand pounds so everybody thinks you are macho to polish shine concentrations one of the things that I’ve done spot even more than anything focusing and concentrate on one thing and not no matter if there’s a bomb exploding around you you do not lose your concentration those are a wonderful thing to be equipped with it you striving after an ideal in a sensitive molding your physique right you’re developing your body changing the the contours and shapes the muscles so it looks a certain way you want to look sir mental perception you perceive trying to gain that or trying to make yourself into that perception it’s a lot of mental training involved and body lean I think also you’re cultivating a feeling inside your trunk you have a need Halling I forget priests had this in ered need to do something that you must do and you not be happy unless it’s fulfilled that’s well Matt that’s why I’m here today in fact I cert I very much the body building is more mental than physical you’re concerned with is first of all this mental projection what you want to look like which one be like as far as the contour and shape of your body be concerned with daily feelings of exercises and handles and muscles concerning with putting your mind at the mosque remember also that every man in this competition is already a world champion to be able to compete in the mr. Olympia the first requisite that you must have won a mr. universe title or a world championship facing me please place me please Chris this way please tricep focus please turn forward I was a worried from the time I stepped in a stage for the first round it’s amazing how how insecure you get after that about being on stage for five years I mean I used to go out and it was my home on stage this time I went out and I felt very uncomfortable you know being a showpiece out there you know being always at having people look at you in a bathing suit I am the kind of character that doesn’t like to expose himself okay and it whatever you see on stage that fits you you know and then we watch somebody in adjacent the way he trains that the extension of him and I felt this time I had exposed myself I understand at that one hour or two and just be compared to for those different guys and that is what I didn’t like at all the important thing is that you always challenge yourself andand I am a strong believer in the philosophy of staying hungry you know and truly always being hungry for more and being hungry for bigger and better things you know whenever I have achieved the goal then immediately after that I asked myself what other challenge can I put up to do to try to achieve you know that would stay hungry basically I’m a strong believer was in a Western philosophy of conquering of achieving of climbing of getting higher and higher to the top in all those things because that’s in my opinion with life is all about is living rich rather than just existing and just wasting away your life since we only have one I consider body buddy philosophical very much so I question my existence why do I exist where am I going I always had this craving few more I compare this to John Jonathan Livingston Seagull this is the seagull wanted to do something different than normal everyday thing which it was supposed to do they urge him to do it he wanted to expand and to wonder to do something unique in artistic and not only not only in the sense for expanding his artistic ability but for this in the sense of its expanding his expanding his awareness to me is the same type of thing I associate with my body buddy so naturally the dedication I have for the sport it’s very intense I’ll give anything I’ll give total commitment to do it because I I must do it to the best or better than I can possibly do it fly ability that’s what it’s all about tomorrow night onstage all year long I’ve been doing this and now the final day is here so I’ve done you you you you three times it truly be a fresh day number one I will win and we’ll come on scrolling stay long talk loud and win the Olympia crowd forward and say well say believe it in achieving supplement ask what’s Nagar goes today what is aim I beat the Schwarzenegger Samia is coming on strong all right I don’t love these name Lebanese lover oh I don’t Kenny yeah the manager responsible yay you live your life it’s Jack’s easygoing nail to pen the pen is mightier every muscle in this particular case right I didn’t go back remember the Golden Rule he who has a gold makes through they and Arnold and dick trouble today oh I know that yeah remember that oh yeah I will visit this damn thing is so close out there they got so many great bodies yeah I never seen so many guys come in at shape that’s right that’s a dangerous situation yeah I picked the idea today that like check out them excellent look to light yeah you look great she never been that rip well we’re good fighting out there nothing exists it’s another story good brutal he looks better than ever rich rich is enough oh how can you look more than better than ever that’s pretty hard to do I mean next year better than that right yeah but this is next year you been reading some philosophy – I say I’ve been doing every night now reading philosophy which is good it’s interesting to use my mind clear fantastic boss do I do now how long do you think it will be till we get up there let’s place the fund finds its ride trial or the 50 yeah right yeah I’m I’m finding a little bit – no not funny okay yeah that’s special clapping oh no relax how much time it is we have subtly 20 minutes okay we go out there good you can naturally create a vision of what your body will look like and then you mold your body closer and closer to their vision and actually you would turn this vision into reality and it’s wonderful really to see that happening that you actually concede in front of you which I think they call the the third eye you know where you visualize what you want to be in reality and then you get closer and closer to that this is an unknown thing now in sports the inner squirt they call it also I think just the experience of being much stronger than everybody else I think that’s an unbelievable experience you feel richer you feel that sooner or later that you could do anything sure you winter how did time well don’t buy my life I say I feel great alright and you know you put your total being every bit of inner person into your training into this day you feel good no matter what I feel good Nexus placing out I know I’m the best I can okay okay that in developed right everybody likes to be wanted and needed and appreciated and loved and all those things some people only have have it the limited way and obey just enough for the family or by their children over they’re proud of whatever a wife some people like more than that now I’m one of them the V is always a great pleasure performing in front of a great audience is really turns me on and it’s a really enjoyable thing you know when you see people enjoying what you do the Austrian Oh Donald Schwarzenegger you better believe it man it was exactly like it used to be I mean I got so turned on brought back so many great memories it’s amazing when you are out of it for five years you have to make them all over again every step and which is a wonderful experience of course it puts you right back where you belong which is definitely not in the sky together Arnold you put it together and too much for two weeks the last week who runs more together yeah oh I wish that I could do is to have a time machine it’s just wounded to the front like an hour and a half just let me know what you want yeah I can say right now right hell I know there’s one class of bodybuilder and then there’s your class before we thought laughter this time hungry huh cravings my food general ah looking forward to tomorrow Taylor about the day when ice cream soda about that big pizza pie what do you want bottle water bottle wine cheese what a wine bread cheese please right now how did it feel though it felt great it was so I mean I have heard throughout the whole day today that it’s a very close contest and you know I want to make sure when it is that close that the last minute you put everything in it’s that you have and so that’s what I did I really had my friends you know psych me up and told me that to be brutal and to get into it just like in the old days and so that’s what I try to do they get really into it and just pose and feel the audience and if the audience likes one pose to stay long at that pose if the audience didn’t like another pose to just get out of it as fast as possible in order thing so it was like I came closer and closer than the award days and his last routine so I feel really good at now and there’s one more round to go which is the pose off with the six best which is that which are the six best guys in a thing that’s exactly when I hit my tent here are the seven finalists in numerical order number two boy echo USA number seven night men sir USA Christa kisser these are the seven finally my good friend here Frank the worst will be giving the judges their final papers the judges please just put number one against your number one choice thank you Frank two days of any training asked from depressed yeah I’m best I can be right now most people are too close to the to what they’re doing that they can’t see themselves any more now but I always step back and just laugh with myself because it’s really you can’t take it seriously the whole thing when I can’t them and it’s just a it’s just something that I believe we have to do certain things in order to keep us going and motivated and pick little goals go after them and stuff again sign my dog Oh Roger Walker oh boy echo to be able to step back out of yourself and look at it of what you’re doing and laugh about it because it’s so funny being the best build man in the world very funny I believe in Jim Beam it’s a one of the most remarkable products not only in the United States but all over the world people sometimes use it to get high in a bar maybe after depression so bad business deals or whatever but we are we bodybuilders obviously use it as a high protein and high amino acid supplement let’s see how do you use it we usually put it in a very sophisticated kind of burger yeah now it’s very important that you take the right measurement here because I have never drank in my life wait a minute oh my god the skin is coming apart it’s amazing huh anyway ladies gentlemen do you want to get a pump buy something from Jim fourth place goes to boy echo third place goes to Frank same you and second place chris dickerson first prize mr. Olympia 1980 almost short Sania you have that ability to make you love and like and want to vote for him Donald has the quality of convincing you that it gives you a good feeling and you watch Arnold oh wow he’s got together he feels good he’s in love with life I want to be like their to Arnold walks on the stage he just puts his arm up over his head flex go great so they love thank you very much I’m uh I’m extremely excited about the winning the seventh time – mr. Olympia competition and I have to be very honest that this was the highest level of competition I’ve ever faced in any competition in my life and I was not a will that is giving it all away me it’s home yeah you always want to go back home you know it’s love meeting when you get their physical leave you

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