Aarron Lambo – what products to use – i’m baffled by deans knowledge and long words

only what how many student Dean's come over you're gonna train a bit of chest and I said to think I'll tell you what when you're making up the pre-workout I'll film you because we've got a lot of people where it's their first time taking the Alpha supplements in fact first time taking supplements in general and they want a bit of help or a bit of advice you know what you can mix what with and I know you like mixing up so I thought I'd film it you've just got an off set it up so it just looks completely fake off what you're gonna do it over there and I was just gonna randomly come in and just that well he's Gordon Ramsay with his list of ingredients the labels that are just conveniently pointing forward it's not for your arms I'm literally just throwing each the cameras bananas why I have two scoops of this and I'm tired I'll have one of two scoops but you're a bit sensitive in there well you say that way I am because I think half a scoop to one scoop is enough for me but also I tell everyone that watches in my opinion I don't think you should be taking pre workouts more than three times a week because they haven't been out long enough in us for us to know the long-term effects on it and it may cease your heart so on and so forth and I think a lot of say kids a lot of people now rely too much on that myself you don't need this you know like if you're really tired it's good to give you a boost I've got into the routine of taking these everything I'm trained basically so you take it pretty much every time you train but you agree with me you should have be yeah yeah you shouldn't need these two trainee if you need a pre-workout to train you're probably not getting enough sleep or you're overtraining well you're not training for the right reasons we used to get the bug when we first started training because we were inspired by the people that are in there by the magazines and we used to want it now because of injuries or work commitments obviously you get tired and you just get unmotivated they do help so normally I take him on like big sessions you know like back or possibly chest anyway we're veering off that was just my opinion we did one on our feet so best thing what I would normally I've just explained for the last two minutes and 37 seconds how I don't like taking pretty workouts a lot during the week and what I do I take half or one and you've just come straight in with one and a half yeah so what I like to do is the normal pre work one or two scoops with a notepad I am I always took in creatine cuz that's gonna feel your ATP system you're gonna train a little bit harder and it's gonna give a bit more fullness and strengthen your muscle glutamine I always took this in I try and over at least twice a day this is massively gonna help you to recover and boost your immune system this is the most say it's not scientifically proven but and it works for me and I'll tell you what Submit when mr. Olympius from ebony stayed with me he got the sniffles and he said to me trust me when I say if you start getting the sniffles it takes not gonna be just put on your tongue down of a water he said he even gives it to his kids and I do with a lien out and it does work you know I do a combo glutamine vitamin C zinc and mega freeze if I feel a little bit rundown I do that combo Omega 3 Omega 2 three times a day and I recover two three times quicker than I would normally us for glutamine you say it's not scientifically proven glutamine is a non-essential amino acid which means that your body makes it so avoid the amino is stored in your muscle sixty percent of them is glutamine and what glutamine basically does whenever you're ill will run down your training you're stressed your body releases a lot of ammonium which attacks your body attacks your immune system and will shut your immune system down glutamine will go around your body get all the ammonium and extract it out of your body so you need a lot of gluts of anybody so when you're rundown or you've been training hard there's a lot of ammonium been released so you've used a lot of you'd like your glutamine stores then your body has to use all the other amino acids to make more glutamine therefore the other amino acids which are needed for repair the muscle growth are being used to make glutamine rather than muscle growth so it's going to affect your gains in the long run so it's supplements and weed glutamine you know idea by yuliya I'll be honest with you I didn't even know what mode you must i'm just fried out of it and i heard the chip I just I just knew how good it was good for ya and stopped you from getting the sniffles and also stopped you from capitalizing that's just about as far as my knowledge with take glutamine it makes you better at better ER and also stops you from burning muscle which is true I just think no it's basically wide you said everything you said I'd you said it in one sentence which everyone was like oh yeah get it you start talking it was like somebody watching this guy I need to know what's going on or do I need to know what's working I study this you're not putting color with a I never had BCAAs in my life because if I'm offseason and I'm eating a lot of protein I'm eating a lot of carbohydrates protein is broken down into amino acids so why are you putting more in you if you've got plenty anyway if I'm dieting and my calves are really low my glycogen source is low once I've run out of glycogen you can start to burn muscle so then it's really important to take BCAAs when you're dieting in your on low carbs it will stop you from burning muscle this however is not just BCAAs this also has all your electrolytes live again it's going to stop you it's a rehydration drink gonna stop your cramping up or sometimes our battery muscle that much that I'm get these severe mad cramps it's usually outside of it because I've just over trained the muscle or because I've sweated so much I may have put the water back in but I haven't put all of the electrolytes of salts bucking at least he's gonna put it all back in to stop you cramping up you've also got in toluca confident area yep so as we're saying earlier when your carbs are low you can end up burning muscle instead of glycogen that's a completely different product in its own right we developed ourselves and the idea was not just to have it as an inch workout drink which it was for keeping your muscles hydrated but also for people that have suffered injuries maybe they've just had an operation can't train for a bit you can't sit back throughout the day everything for a company it is literally one of a kind but and I can't do tell you what if you're a beginner in this industry you do not need this this you're gonna be spending a lot of your money on stuff you don't really need if you're a beginner in industry just give the training white and best maybe get a good protein quality prior to maybe the Alpha Trinity maybe another brand but the more advanced you get into training that's where the centers are going to come into effect obviously if you're if you're competing or if you're an athlete in a set sport maybe swimming maybe it's gymnastics maybe it's MMA boxing kal-el is literally essential for intro workout and especially recovery they're killing what blood stuff is available and mental hamster calm that's it

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