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sometimes more ideas are actually good what did you just say every time he says what it just brought back memories in South Africa I'd be able to drop that bad already sell them briefly what you just said about that guy on what's his name on that show Joe Rogan expert Joe Rogan experience you had a guest on yeah talk about that gifts quickly quickly I can't do anything quick so can you explain Dorsett to your life son cause I was in prison father for 22 years on death row 22 he was different yeah okay for what I know you want to basically get two for what for he got for a little city crime was it rape or murder no he went in for a different crime and he got that's how he could he lied about what you've done at first and he got tied into the worthy yes what the year sentence for how he explained if I didn't listen come on too busy fucking one room it was like a rape or a murder leaves on death row yeah because of rape and murder yeah well fuck yeah we got there in the area yeah but he didn't do it yeah no that's hey I just wanted to vote why I was like death row that wasn't why I had to go in court no I want you as a witness because you'll just divert the whole case on to something that's not relevant that's all I'm cheated here so some guy went to prison for 22 years for a rape and murder that he didn't commit and he was on death row yeah and he broke out he broke out yeah escaped and turned himself back in got the worst being of his wife odd they break out because he went with two police officers to a toilet and there was old men they trusted him the police officer outside of prison I was like yeah it was like three hours away or something to another prison he was going to alright and yeah police officer use of toilet so East I II walked out and some reason the police officer sort of trusted him to walk back to the car that I won and he leg dit and then another police officer saw him running at him so he shot him he dropped to the floor Wars I think it was a restaurant or a coffee shop or something and he knew police officer wouldn't shoot that's how he escaped you know actually in this way I did tell you know we've done well he was 50 yards away from the car he escaped from that's where he hid in a bush so what'd he do after that he ended up robbing drug dealers for money robbed a wallet got a plane somewhere and then he ended up ended up like him I've told that he to himself I think yep I got God really bad been in for four minutes that would never happen in England because on every wing in English prison there's a complaint box seriously you think I'm joking and if you're not have he would have hated you got treated you could actually I'll being fucking serious you can actually put in a complaint so if an officer speaks you in a way that you don't like putting a complaint if you think the officers assault would you put in a complaint you could make a prison officers fucking life hell pretty little boy and we're in South Africa when we're in South Africa Alex said that he knew somebody who's a law student when he was about 18 boys and he got his mates to pick him up in a in a car and they had a gun in the car and he didn't know about it yeah and they got pulled over turn out everyone in the car got arrested for having that gun every murder that gun was involved in they all got sentence for their murders so this that's 18 years old easier and all student and he's just been sentenced fucking what was it 10 years or 15 years or something giving stuff African prison yeah and his first night he was on the phone to his mum he was raped by 20 men what did he ask his mother bring him at the biggest tub of Vaseline and that ain't even a joke that's not a joke it's not up on these but he was crying his eyes out because over there you have like 20 or 13 or 20 people to a cell yeah and obviously they're all mixed so and in England we've got complaints books well in fact think of it like this if you were to go out tomorrow and shoot seven policemen and rape seven women well now I don't suggest you do but if you did the absolute worst this country could do to you he's put you in a prison for life and pay you three pound fifty a week and give you a color TV what's that the worst that arson yeah we've done a def around this country yeah and then you've also got white so you can put in a complaint if you feel that your works are being violated at any point you've got full health care in fact one thing I've never really understood about prism ism it's not really designed for rehabilitation so let's just say Betty you just shot seven policemen and raped seven women what you've got a kind of TV let's say you behave yourself and you've got family that send you in money if you've got family the center of money in prison you have a prison bank account you can pretty much buy anything you want you can buy a Playstation 2 and you can play Grand Theft Auto where your sugar police officers in the head and rape your moon yeah it's not actually rape in bro and that's prison in England and grab a story it's not rape law remember you owe I shoot and police officers and shagged you mean like yeah but you kill them afterwards oh thank you technically yeah so it's still not rehabilitation is it no and that is what you that's your sentence in England prison is a business to me but if you go to prison America you're talking death row yeah and if you go into prison in South Africa it's just another level and how many people's died on death row when they actually haven't committed a crime yeah see that's what I'll agree with therefore you never actually life actual obviously if you've got the person on video doing it raping somebody killing a kid or whatever yeah cool a lot of the time you don't you don't know it's all about witnesses it's all about other stuff and that is low witnesses is known to be the worst sort of evidence you can get us what scientists did not credit to take any credibility to eyewitness or what come from anyone but the courts do because the scientists can't say oh yeah he told me that's right that's why it's you know they need one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time Bert or Fox I think three jewelry members and the judge will relate to the victim mm-hmm what a punk yep we need to get life I need to sociable a lot of conversations go as deep as the carers in my school bringing me fucking trial and this is true – what do you actually after something say Oh get off my chest but I don't expect me mate to laugh at me whilst eating most squares you come because there I have got many left talk about it and we do talk about it actually in a new podcast which is on youtube.com forward slash Aaron Lambo official ya mean ding being really controversial we talked about everything abuse and controversy reason let me it's right yeah it was controversial and it was logical and education and educational and it went real deep McAra was a big guy he was a big boy was he gets the first bodybuilder laid eyes on didn't abuse me I didn't know if you missed the teeth really that's what we use call him mister team real big black I have a fucking Mohican and the other long fingernail and a bastard watches me because we hunted him down remember ooh mr. Johnson you know what you did yeah I'll bump into the Cubs one day it was powered more about the last video remember yeah actually cheeky bastard even we're going off on one are we the cheeky bastard even after we tried to hunt him down for all the other kids people lies it's true or not is this fucking this is actually true well because there's a massive court thing going on and everything so I can't have almost too much information but when we tried hunting him down and I did a social media video and that went viral people knew he was and we found him we gave the information to the solicitors and for the other victims the bastard only got solicitors to send letters to my office threatening to sue me if ready to sue me for what exactly not swallowing oh shit I mean come on Oh fucking waking someone is bad that's a read from the same sheet as well face okay cuz I got my lawyers which is fucking even better than these they just fucked him up and they are people under this is this is an enzyme you're personally yes only they can sort of get you more now yes see you got to accept life and laugh about it and that's what makes us bigger faster and stronger don't watch the podcast I think this is interesting I've got cold he never sexually abused me I was just beaten to a pulp there was some sort of we could call this a show please let's not get into it doesn't matter it's made you the person you are go watch the podcast if you've got this viral video should we go and tell you yeah you

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