What Are the Best Muscle Building Exercises to Get the Best Results?

What Are the Best Muscle Building Exercises to Get the Best Results?

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Are you sick or looking scrawny? Even if you have a moderate build, there’s an excellent chance that you want to get bigger or ripped.

Who wouldn’t want to get bigger or more ripped? When you’re bigger, you’re stronger, which means better performance in your favorite sport(s) as well as more respect from your peers and acquaintances.

When you get ripped, you feel awesome because you’re constantly turning heads. Females want you and males want to be you. That’s a great place to be. All that said you need to perform the right exercises in order to get the best results.

Whether you’re looking for size or definition, you absolutely must include the barbell bench press. However, this instruction doesn’t come in the vanilla variety if you want to do it right.

Anyone can lie on a flat bench and do as many reps as possible day after day. The first problem here is that your muscles won’t have sufficient time to rest.

This means you really won’t be getting anywhere. Will it help a little? Sure. But it won’t be anything near your maximum potential. Your muscles will trick you because you will feel soar, which you will take to mean you’re getting good results, but that’s not the case at all.

If you’re obsessed with the flat bench and you want good results, then you need to rest your muscles for at least three days. In other words, don’t do chest until at least three days later. If you’re ever going for your max, then rest your muscles for six or seven days before your attempt.

All that said, only relying on the flat bench for chest isn’t recommended. If you want to work your upper chest, then be sure to include the incline bench press.

If you want to work your lower chest, then be sure to include the decline bench press. The incline bench press is much harder, which means it’s doing more for you.

Keep in mind that the exercises you hate the most are the ones that will get you where you want to go the fastest. You hate these exercises because they burn, and when they burn, it means you’re breaking down muscle.

Breaking down muscle is good. This allows the muscle to rebuild stronger while you’re resting. This is the whole principal of weightlifting. The other two important exercises are military press and squats. They can both be dangerous, though.

If you have any shoulder problems, then start out light with the military press. You will eventually work your way up. If you have bad knees, then it’s not recommended that you even attempt squats. If you do have healthy knees, then squats are a great asset.

They’re the biggest muscle builders in existence. Not only that, but they help release more testosterone throughout your body than any other exercise.

Now you have a little more information about building muscle. Put it to good use. Also try to use dumbbells as much as possible for best results.

It takes six weeks to truly gain strength and for the body to begin to transform. If you work for it and you’re patient, then you will love your new body.

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