Natural Bodybuilding Supplements: Developing the Perfect Body Naturally!

Natural Bodybuilding Supplements: Developing the Perfect Body Naturally!

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For many reasons, you might choose to use all natural bodybuilding supplements for your bodybuilding program.

This could mean a number of different things, because the term ‘natural’ has been defined and re-defined over and over within the community. The most general definition would be that you’re taking only legal supplements.

However, some bodybuilding competitions have stricter guidelines for what constitutes ‘natural’, varying by organization.

If your plan is not to compete, you may even want to adhere to a strict conception of natural meaning that you won’t take supplements that don’t come from the natural world.

If you want to use all natural supplements as per a bodybuilding organization’s guidelines to compete, then your first stop should be to check with that organization’s list of banned substances.

Checking the organization’s list of banned substances will ensure that you don’t accidentally use something that they have banned.

Most of the organizations do define ‘natural’ as legal, however. This means that in most cases you’re free to use whatever you can acquire legally.

In this case, you may even be able to use any prohormones which are still legal such as 5aOHP, 1-Androsterone, or Epiandrosterone. Obviously adding any of these will be an immense boon to your program.

Additionally, you’ll still want to use supplements with the big five BCAAs (arginine, glutamine, leucine, valine, and isoleucine), creatine, maybe a thermogenic to help you cut for competition, other nitric oxide boosting elements like citrulline, and so on. As always, diet will still be crucial as well.

If you want to take it a step further and only do supplements derived from things you’d find in nature, you might need to do a little more research.

Depending on how strict you are, you should at least still be able to use creatine (which is found in meat) and proteins. These are two important products for any supplement routine, so they will be a crucial ally if you’re cutting out other legal supplements.

You can also try supplementing Omega-3 Acids, which everyone knows are good for your heart, because they reduce your nervous system’s inflammatory response to stress and can thereby speed recovery.

In order to naturally increase your body’s testosterone, you can also eat Brazil Nuts (but not more than about half an ounce or you can get selenium poisoning), or a supplement derived from Tribulus Terrestris, which is a natural herb that stimulates testosterone production.

For a thermogenic, you could also try a supplement based on guarana, green tea, or even choline (which is a vitamin that encourages your body to get rid of fat and move it better through veins so that it isn’t deposited).

Either way, it is definitely possible to do bodybuilding the natural way. While non-natural may oftentimes be more effective, nature has blessed us with an abundance of things we can use to help us develop that perfect body.

There are always options. Even if you’re a strict vegan or raw foodist, with a little hard work you can find everything you need for supplements.

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