How to Increase Your Bench Press Weight on a Regular Basis Starting Today!

How to Increase Your Bench Press Weight on a Regular Basis Starting Today!

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Whether you are working towards a specific goal or just want to impress your friends at the gym, increasing your bench press is an important way to build more muscle and stay in shape.

In order to increase your bench press, there are a few key elements to your workout that you add to help, as well as a few lifestyle habits that can get you in gear for increasing your numbers.

The first element in increasing your bench press is knowing what your bench press technique is and how you can improve upon it. Your spotter can help you identify way in which you can change your technique in order to increase your number quickly.

The arm and wrist positions are very important. The wrists must be close to the bar, squeezing it and you need to keep your elbows tucked in when lifting.

The upper back needs to be tight, your legs should be driving into the bench and the lifting movement should occur in a straight line.

During lifting, it is also important to remember to lift fast. This is the best way to increase your bench press quickly. Lifting slowly does not give you the same muscle-building effect that lifting fast will.

When you want to increase your bench press, it is a good idea to focus on exercises that strengthen the muscles you need most for lifting. Back strength is an important element in bench press.

You can increase your back strength with overhead squats, face pulls and barbell rows. Barbell rows are especially important since this provides the opposite movement of a bench press lift.

Biceps and triceps should also be a primary focus when building muscle for increasing your bench press. Exercises such as dips, floor press and hammer curls will build these muscles.

Outside of the gym, you will want to have a diet that supports healthy muscle building. Because of the energy spent to bench press, you will need to eat more than the average person. To build muscle, it is recommended to eat eighteen calories per pound of body weight.

Protein should be the primary focus on the foods that you eat. You can get high levels of protein from eggs, fish, meat and poultry. It is also essential to avoid foods high in fat.

Those who are looking to build muscle should eat more whole foods and less of the foods that are processed to maintain lean muscle.

Following the proper technique, getting a well-rounded workout and eating well can help you increase your bench press numbers and avoid injuries at the gym. With hard work and effort, it is easy to increase your bench press on a regular basis.

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